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Chris King R45 Disc Brake Hubs



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Chris King’s R45 hubs are lightweight and feature a jewel like finish. Their beauty is not only skin deep as these hubs have over 100 professional and elite victories in just 2 years. The Chris King R45 hubset is 20% lighter than the Classic hubset. These made in the USA Chris King hubs are the ultimate in lightweight road racing hubs available.

The Chris King R45 Rear Road Hub features an all-new 45-point engagement Ring Drive designed specifically for road riding. While still having nearly double the points of engagement as other high-end hubs, reducing the points in the R45 from 72 means the hub will still have the distinctive Chris King sound but won’t be nearly as loud as you would expect.

Hubs are judged, ultimately, on how they roll. This is where the Chris King R45 excels with their made in Portland stainless steel sealed bearings. Making the bearings in-house allows each bearing to be hand inspected for precision and smoothness. R45 bearings also feature lightweight, low friction seals that can be easily serviced using only a single 2.5mm hex wrench and a pen knife. Find the Chris King R45 Hub Service Manual here.

• Made in the USA
• Stainless Steel Sealed Bearings
• 102g Claimed Weight
• Radial Lacing Compatible
• 28/32 Hole Options
• Black

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