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MSRP: • Cassette: $399 • Crank (no ring): $279-$319. Available in 170 or 175, for GXP or BB30, in black or red. • Rear derailleur: $269 • Chain: $63 • GXP bottom bracket: $42 • Trigger shifter: $139, black or red • GripShift with locking grips: $129 • Chainrings: $98 to $127, in 30, 32, 34, 36, and 38 tooth in 94 mm BCD. 32, 34, 36 and 38 tooth available in 104-millimeter BCD.
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The Scoop

SRAM has introduced its second 1×11 mountain bike group, called XO1. The group comes in a few hundred dollars below than its first 11-speed, single-chainring group, XX1.

The two groups are similar, with some of the carbon parts on the XX1 group replaced with aluminum. The most unusual piece of the group — the 11-speed 10- to 42-tooth cassette — is made with the same machining process for both groups. The XO1 cassette comes with a different finish. The XO1 cassette still has a sobering MSRP of $399.

X01 has a 94-millimeter chainring bolt pattern, instead of the unique 76-millimeter bolt circle on the XX1 group. The change means the smallest chainring available on the new group is 30-tooth, instead of the 28-tooth ring available for XX1. SRAM is also making its X-Sync chainrings available in the popular 104-millimeter crank bolt pattern, for consumer seeking to use the 1×11 system with other brand cranks.

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